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By it’s very nature a dental emergency can occur anytime. A dental emergency should be addressed with a professional as soon as possible. Dental Pain is difficult to ignore and should receive immediate attention. A mild toothache will not likely cure itself and can quickly turn into a dental emergency if left untreated.

Are you having a dental emergency?

A variety of issues can constitute a dental emergency including:

  • Tooth knocked out due to trauma
  • Broken, cracked, or chipped tooth
  • Visible Facial Swelling
  • Painful, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • Persistent toothache
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and or cold liquids

Relieved Emergency Patient and Dentist 

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Delaying treatment can add to your discomfort and perhaps the extent of treatment needed to alleviate your pain and correct whatever is wrong.  If you are experiencing extreme pain, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, facial swelling / inflammation, swelling of the gums, or excessive bleeding don’t delay, call us now and request an Emergency Dental Appointment!

Emergency Dental Care

All other pains seem to be futile when one is exposed to the toothache. It is the pain that is said to happen only in mouth but its effect is felt in almost every corner of the face. There can be harmful repercussions of neglecting your oral health. It can give you sore teeth, bad breath and can also increase the chances of oral cancer. The tooth ache is usually ignored because of a common perception that it can be deferred.  This deferring can prove very harmful in the long run. And because this pain is very harsh and hurting, you need to see the doctor immediately. The Las Vegas Dental Group addresses all the dental emergencies and provides quality healing to your precious calcium carbonates aka your teeth. You can trust your care to the LVDG emergency dentists. Here are some of the issues that are addressed usually:

  1. Traumatic Dental Injuries

    : These are those injuries which are rare but very severe. Chipped teeth or dislodged teeth require examination by the dentist. This is because these do not give you much physical pain but due to these injuries the neighboring teeth or the tooth gets silent infection. These endodontic treatments require specialized care and that is what is provided by our Dental group.

  2. Dental abscesses

    : Due to dental caries your teeth can be exposed to inflammation of pulp. This inflammation gives birth to swelling and consequently the face makes it visible. Besides giving irreversible pain it can affect your tooth badly.  Swelling is something which gives the indication of an injury in worst stage. The pus gets accumulated due to infection in the bone around a non-vital infected tooth. This is called alveolar abscess. This discharge of pus spontaneously is very dangerous and need immediate draining. The tooth so infected is called abscessed tooth. If it is ignored or delayed then it can become chronic. These kind of dental problems need to be cured immediately and that is why the dental emergency care is significant.

  3. Tenacious toothache

    : Toothache can prolong if it is not treated properly. The sensitivity in the teeth can make it more prone to infections and can invite much pain. Due to irregularities these treatments are usually discontinued in between. This ultimately leads to disaster of oral health. The discontinuity leads to persistent toothaches. This kind of toothache can arise anytime and will no longer be treated by antibiotics. Any delay in addressing them can have severe effects.

The mild toothache can turn into sharp and finally excruciating if not treated well in time. The emergency issues as highlighted above needs to be attended properly as it can give sinus infection also. Be it a dental cavity or a cracked tooth or any gum disease we have a solution to all these urgent dental care requirements.

You can not be healthy with an unhealthy mouth. So take a first step to cure all your dental emergency problems by contacting us at 702-323-0820 or submit your contact information by clicking here.